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Peace Motorsports - by Bill Shamblin
Anybody else have experience with this brand? Just bought a GS824 (Honda Ruckus clone).TIA! Bill KU4QB

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Yamaha zuma - by joe
Ok Iíve got over 1000 miles on my Zuma now. Letís start by saying when I got the zuma I was looking for basic transportation that got good gas mileage. I would like to thank all the guys here that helped me out with my questions about getting a moded scooter from the dealership. I am 6í1Ē tall and with work gear and helmet I am easily pushing 220 lbs.

I must say wow I was looking for basic transportation and got a fun little scoot. The first few miles seemed a bit sluggish but I know 2 strokes take a bit more to break in than 4 strokes. I did the dual headlight mod within the first few days. After about 300 miles the break in was coming along good. At 600 miles I changed the final drive oil. Then after 700 miles I did the throttle cam mod. At this point I also explored more then is required for the first service I pulled the pug and checked out the air filter. Now the zuma is getting up to 40 fairly easy tops out at the bottom of the speedo and climbs the hills better. It handles great on dry and wet roads and it even dose a fair job off road.

The only down sides I could find is the obvious only 2 choices for color.
It would also be nice if Yamaha offered some other part for it come on all you can get is a basket and windshield how about some of the nice parts you can get in Canada like the rally kit or the headlight guards from asia which wont fit our zumas they have smaller headlights. A braided stainless front break line would be nice also.

Over all I would say the zuma is a great scooter with a great after market support. Just remember you are buying a scooter and not a crotch rocket

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E-Ton Beamer - by Barry
I bought a brand new 49cc E-ton last Mon. The guy told me it would run better after my 1st tank of gas. It was stalling a lot. I took it back a few days later only to find out the carboratur is shot. Gee, nice scooters.

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FalconEV - by Andy
The latest high powered electric scooters / mopeds are powered by lithium iron phosphate batteries. Only FalconEV has these, they are not cheap but you will fly down the road and keep up w any 50cc gas scooter or even a 100cc scooter.
Several models to choose from depending on your needs and bank account. These are investments that will pay the owner back in savings vs. the never ending costs of operating a gas scooter.
see at falconev.com

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